Planning for a healthy Colorado

CDPHE has tools, resources, and technical support to help you carry out community health assessments and public health improvement planning activities.





Office of Public Health Practice, Planning, and Local Partnerships (OPHP)

OPHP's mission is to advance Colorado's health and protect the places where we live, learn, work, and play, by supporting public health systems through partnerships, planning, and capacity building.

OPHP's vision is a healthy and sustainable Colorado, with a strong and resilient public health system, where current and future generations thrive.

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Document Repository Entries

  • The Office of Public Health Practice, Planning, and Local Partnerships (OPHP) at CDPHE has created an open and shared document repository for Local Public Health Agency Staff to find and share resources related to the Core Public Health Services and Foundational Capabilities, as well as CHAs and PHIPs that have been approved with permission to share. To ensure resources are appropriately placed and shared within the repository, all documents must be submitted through this Google Form. OPHP will review the documents, ask any clarifying questions, rename to the repository naming convention (LPHA_Title of Document_Year), and place in the appropriate folder. We hope this shared space will give LPHAs a chance to connect and collaborate across the state to see what other folks are working on. 

    Document Repository link here 

    For any questions regarding this document repository, please reach out to Lauryn Gangle-Wythe, Public Health Program Assistant II at

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Colorado Health Assessment and Planning System (CHAPS)

CHAPS is guidance for local and state public health agencies to carry out community health assessments and public health improvement plans.


Guidance and Tools

Learn more about the eight phases of CHAPS, created to guide your local health agency's collaborative community health assessment and public health improvement plan process. 

Local Assessment and Planning

Get up to date information on local assessment and planning, including access to local CHAs and PHIPs and an interactive map displaying CHAPS status and priorities statewide. 

State Assessment and Planning

View current and previous Statewide CHAs and PHIPs and learn how to get involved in the next round of state-level assessment and planning.  


Resources and Support

OPHP supports local assessment and planning in a variety of ways including through funding, technical assistance, networking opportunities and more. 


Technical Assistance

Get answers to your questions and additional guidance by reaching out to CDPHE staff.

Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement (QI) is a formal approach for analyzing the performance of a process and the efforts to improve the resulting process outcomes.


Calendar of Events

View upcoming networking events, learning sessions, and other calls and events open to local public health agencies. You can  also view upcoming deadlines for funding and deliverables.

Colorado Core Public Health Services

Learn more about Colorado's Foundational Public Health Services and Capabilities.


Public Health Training 

View current and upcoming training opportunities for local public health agencies and boards of health.

Public Health Digital Library

All local public health agencies now have free access to the Public Health Digital Library.



Funding information for the OPHP Preventive Block Grant (PBG), Local Planning & Support Dollars (LPSD), CDC Workforce and the upcoming CDC Infrastructure grant; as well as funding resources can be accessed on the Funding landing page.



OPHP Preventive Block Grant, Local Planning & Support Dollars, CDC Workforce and CDC Infrastructure funding pages have ongoing updates and information.


Funding Resources

Funding Resource page (coming soon) will have FRMS, upcoming education, and related links.