Office of Public Health Practice, Planning, and Local Partnerships (OPHP)

OPHP supports public health throughout Colorado by promoting collaborations, partnerships, and planning; by serving as liaisons, and linking local public health agencies to each other and to state and national entities; and by providing consultation and technical assistance.

OPHP was formerly known as the Office of Planning, Partnerships, and Improvement (OPPI).

partners working together to complete a puzzle

Colorado Health Assessment and Planning System (CHAPS)

CHAPS is guidance for local and state public health agencies to carry out community health assessments and public health improvement plans.

Guidance and tools

Use the eight phases of CHAPS to guide your local health agency's collaborative community health assessment and public health improvement plan process.

CHAPS status

Open the map to see where LPHAs are in the CHAPS process across the state and access CHAs and PHIPs.

Quality improvement

Quality Improvement (QI) is a formal approach for analyzing the performance of a process and the efforts to improve the resulting process outcomes.

Quality improvement phases

Find out which phase best represents where your agency is at in the QI journey.

Performance management

Access tools and trainings to help your organization achieve its mission and strategic goals

Tools and resources

Community-driven assessment and planning is a best practice and is critical to effectively improving the health and well-being of Coloradans. 

Statewide assessment dashboard

Dig deeper into the data and discover key themes across Colorado.

Technical assistance

Get answers to your questions and additional guidance by reaching out to CDPHE staff.