Local Assessment and Planning

Local public health agencies in Colorado follow the CHAPS processes to assess population and environmental health, assess system-wide capacity, determine priority areas, and develop and implement their public health improvement plans. While the process is similar, locals work on slightly different timelines and prioritize a wide variety of health and environmental issues. The following maps and documents can be used to help to inform the state process as well as serve as a starting place for local agencies to connect and partner with one another based on the CHAPS phase that they are currently working in as well as shared priorities, goals, and strategies.

How to use the CHAPS Status Map below:

  • Click the CHAPS Status tab at the top of the map below to view CHAPS status by LPHA or partnership. If you click on an LPHA or partnership on the map, the link to their most recent public health improvement plan will populate directly above the map. Click on the county or region again to deselect. Hover over the county or partnership for more details about their current CHAPS status. 
  • Click on the PHIP Priorities tab at the top of the map to learn more about current PHIP priorities by county. Use the drop down to sort counties by general priority area. Hover over each county to view a list of their current PHIP priorities.
  • Click on the MCH Funding and Priorities tab at the top of the map to view current MCH contracts and funding amounts by county. Hover over each county to view their current MCH priorities. 



Local Public Health Improvement Plans - Current and Archived: 

The following spreadsheet shows the priorities selected by each local public health agency and regional partnership during each assessment and planning cycle, along with agency contact information. Use the tabs along the bottom to toggle between CHAPS cycles. Please note that the contact information from previous planning cycles may be out of date. 


Historical resources related to assessment and planning: