Boards of Health

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Thank you for being a board of health member


We appreciate your service as a board of health member. Boards of Health make a significant impact on the health of communities around Colorado. 

Welcome to the Office of Public Health Practice, Planning & Local Partnerships' (OPHP) Board of Health Member page! Here you will find information on board of health member training options and access, resources and opportunities for connection.

Training Requirements


Training for Boards of Health is mandated by State Statute. (Colorado Revised Statutes 25-1-508. This link takes you to the Colorado General Assembly website, where you can reach the C.R.S. site, and search for specific statutes.)

Taking the training

New for 2024, the training plan now provides a choice of courses in the areas of Public Health Governance and Emergency Management. There is also a shorter required course introducing the 2024 training, as well as an Evaluation course for feedback and the course completion survey.

2024 Board of Health Training Plan: 1. 2024 Introduction- This 30-minute course includes  information for all Board of Health members. 2. Public Health Governance- These training courses cover the functions of public health government. Select one course. 3. Emergency Management- Training courses related to emergency preparedness & response. Select one course. 4. Your Feedback- Provide feedback & suggestions for improvements for future trainings in a brief survey.

How to take the board of health training

  1. Receive the link to your training plan

The Board of Health 2024 Training Plan is on COTRAIN. If your executive director or board administrator has notified the Office of Public Health Practice, Planning & Local Partnerships (ophp@state.co.us) that you are a board of health member, you will receive the link to the training via email from our office.

  1. Log on to COTRAIN

The training link will take you to the COTRAIN platform, where you must log into your account. If you do not yet have a COTRAIN account, you may set one up for yourself or, instead, fill out this form so we can set up a COTRAIN account for you. If you would like to learn more about how to use CO TRAIN, please refer to these short TRAIN tutorial videos.

  1. Complete the four training courses assigned to you

Courses include: an Introduction, your choice of a Public Health Governance course, your choice of an Emergency Management course, and a short Your Feedback module. Your progress will be saved, so you can complete the courses all at once or one at a time.

  1. Notify your executive director or board of health administrator

Upon completion of the training plan, you will receive an email from our office acknowledging the completion of your 2024 training requirements. Please forward the email to your local board administrator. You may also download a certificate of completion from the COTRAIN learning platform. 


Printable copy of directions for taking the Board of Health trainings.


Training plan link

Use this link or search for training #6891 on COTRAIN to access the 2024 training plan on COTRAIN. If you don't have a COTRAIN account, you will be prompted to set one up. If you would like support in doing so, please fill out this form.

Connect with other board members


BoH advisory group

A Board of Health Advisory group provides input on board of health training requirements and topics. If you are a board of health member interested in joining the advisory group, please email: ophp@state.co.us.  We are always open to new members.


Office hours

Join the conversation: Please join fellow board of health members from across Colorado for our 2024 Office Hours. All Local Board of Health members will be emailed a link to the Office Hours prior to each meeting. Registration is required for attendance. Come to one or all of the following office hour opportunities:


  • Wednesday, February 7 from 12- 1 PM; 
  • Wednesday, March 6 from 12- 1 PM; 
  • Wednesday, June 6 from 12- 1 PM; and,
  • Wednesday, October 2 from 12- 1 PM.