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Office of Public Health Practice, Planning, & Local Partnerships (OPHP) 

Director, OPHP
Michele Shimomura

Public Health Program Assistant II
Lauryn Gangle-Wythe

Senior Public Health Systems and Liaison Professional
Matt Jackson

Public Health Grant Evaluator
Taryn Teeples

Public Health Assessment and Gap Manager
Katie Waters

Public Health Planner
Kelsey Robinson

AmeriCorps Member Administrative Assistants I
Jaedyn Nishiya

Local Public Health Administrative and Contract Liaison
Holland Shultz

Public Health Workforce Contracts Administrator
Thyra Kimbell

Public Health Training Manager
Paula Lee

Public Health Training Coordinators
Pamela Gould
Stefanie Winfield

Public Health Outreach Professional (CO-Cares)
Jennifer Smith

Preventive Block Grant Manager
Tiffany Switzer

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Center for Health & Environmental Data

Public Health Data Coordinator
Alison Grace Bui

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Colorado Department of Public Heath & Environment (CDPHE)


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