Training and Resources

Local Public Health Agency Training


Local Boards of Health

Visit the Boards of Health Training page for more information about how to access the mandatory annual BOH training. 

Executive Directors

Learn more about opportunities specific to LPHA Executive Directors, such as the ED Learning Pathways and Athena Success Partnering platform. 

All LPHA Staff

Visit the LPHA Training Resources page for access to a variety of training materials, including the Training Catalog dashboard. Customize your learning experience to fit your needs. 

Quality Improvement (QI) Resources


About QI

Learn more about Quality Improvement (QI). TheThat QI resources are provided by the Office of Strategy, Performance, and Innovation (OSPI) at CDPHE.

National Accreditation

Visit the Accreditation page to learn more about requirements for becoming an accredited health department through the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB.) 

QI Training

Explore a variety of free, online QI Training resources. 

QI Tools and Resources

Access both nationl and locally developed Tools and Resources for quality improvement. 

Additional Learning and Resources


Core Public Health Services

Visit the Core Public Health Services page for detailed descriptions of each of the foundational capabilities and services. 

Public Health Digital Library

The Public Health Digital Library is a free resource for all LPHA staff, allowing access to peer reviewed journal articles and more. Learn how to access your account.

Job Boards

Have a job to post? There are a variety of public health-specific Job Boards that are accessible to LPHAs.