Local Planning and Support Dollars

Local Planning and Support Dollars (LPSD) are provided through the State of Colorado General Funds. 

(These contracts can combined with MCH funds for certain LPHAs)

  • State Fiscal Year July 1, 2022 - June 31, 2023.
  • This funding is formula funded and non competitive.
  • This funding is the largest, least restrictive and meant to support the Core Public Health Services.
  • Funding Formula Resource: State Board of Health Feb 2022 Meeting Minutes
  • Original Task Orders are completed every 5 years.
  • Non original task order years (2 - 4) are amendments or option letters to the originals task orders.
  • This contract is signed through DocuSign. If your DocuSign contact changes, please inform Holland Shultz.


  • Annual Survey

Point of Contact:

  • Holland Shultz
  • MCH point of contact for combined contracts is Sarah Kay Moore.