The minimum requirements for local and state community health assessments and public health improvement plans are based on the Colorado Public Health Act of 2008 and national standards by the Public Health Accreditation Board.
Colorado Public Health Act of 2008
The Colorado Public Health Act (found at Section 25-1-505 CRS et seq. Title 25 - Public Health and Environment - Article I: Administration - Part 5 Public Health Act - Subpart 2 Public Health Plans Act) requires local and state public health improvement planning on a 5-year cycle. Local assessments and plans completed when state-level assessment and planning begins are used to inform state-level efforts. The CHAPS process is based on Act requirements and includes guidance, tools and templates that support the process but are not required.
Public Health Accreditation Board standards and measures
CHAPS guidance around the community health assessment, public health improvement plan and community engagement are based on Public Health Accreditation (PHAB) domains, standards and measures. Guidance currently reflects Version 1.5 and will be updated once Version 2.0 is released.
Crosswalk of CHAPS, Act and PHAB requirements

CHAPS is designed to be a standardized, coordinated statewide approach while also allowing for customization based on the needs of each community and the state. CHAPS relies on the continued sharing of real experiences, lessons learned and locally-developed tools to keep it as relevant as possible.