Environmental health

Resource guide providing answers to frequently asked questions on core environmental health services in local public health agencies.

Agencies are required to participate in the protection and improvement of air, water, land and food quality by identifying, investigating and responding to community environmental health concerns, reducing current and emerging environmental health risks, preventing communicable diseases and sustaining the environment. These activities shall be consistent with applicable laws and regulations, and coordinated with local, state and federal agencies, industry and the public.

Air quality
Air permits, business and industry air pollution standards, enforcement and compliance information, indoor and outdoor burning permits, guidance, air quality conditions, advisories, lead-based paint
All regulations
An index of CDPHE regulations by topic
Asbestos forms, certification, regulations, permitting information, disposal, contaminated soil
Diseases and conditions
Report a disease, diseases A-Z, Communicable Disease Manual, infectious disease guidelines, animal bites, West Nile virus
Environmental cleanup
SARA Title III (Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know) Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEP), cleanup at contaminated sites, guidance and policy, meth labs, brownfields, sites with environmental use restrictions, federal facilities, radioactive materials license facilities, and solid waste, hazardous waste, Superfund, voluntary cleanup and uranium mill tailings sites
Food safety
Wholesale food, milk and dairy, restaurants and grocery stores, food, drug and cosmetic recalls, Colorado Cottage Foods Act, foodborne illness, fish consumption
Healthy home and work
Workplace safety, medication disposal, radon, environmental public health tracking, site assessments, cancer cluster investigations, exposure
Oil and gas
Requirements and permits associated with air emissions, stormwater discharge, hazardous and solid waste from the oil and gas industry, consultation
Radiation management
Possession, use, disposal and licensing of radioactive materials, safety and accuracy of radiation-producing machines, licensing, registration, minimum requirements, inspection and enforcement
Radon in homes and schools, testing, minimizing exposure, low-income mitigation assistance
Schools and child care regulations
Regulations and guidelines for sanitary standards in schools, guidelines for managing chemicals in schools, child care facility regulations and sanitary standards
Regulation information of animal and livestock feeding operations, guidance for Emergency Planning Community Right-to-Know Act, environmental leadership, Colorado Medication Take-Back Program, Mercury-Free Colorado, supplemental environmental projects
Waste management and recycling
Management of hazardous waste, solid waste, residential waste, recycling grants and incentives, composting, waste tires, waste grease, used oil, waste electronics, medical and pharmaceutical waste, asbestos waste, universal waste, permitting, registration, notification, self-certification, inspection and enforcement
Water quality
Information and resources for maintaining safe drinking water, source water, groundwater and wastewater, tools for water quality services