Colorado Health Assessment and Planning System (CHAPS)

CHAPS is guidance for local and state public health agencies to carry out community health assessments and public health improvement plans activities to meet the requirements of the Colorado Public Health Act and the provisions of Core Public Health Services.


Guidance and resources were originally created in 2010 and updated in 2019 to maintain a viable, relevant and sustainable resource. Updates on guidance and the website were based on feedback by primary users and the Office of Public Health Practice, Planning, and Local Partnerships (OPHP; formerly the Office of Planning, Partnerships and Improvement, OPPI). New guidance integrates health equity, community engagement and communication best practices to improve the ways that public health and your partners address complex priority health needs from a strengths-based approach.

Feedback for continuous improvement

CHAPS is co-created by state and local practitioners and continually improved by local perspective and users. Please feel free to share your suggestions for improvement or resources to be incorporated by contacting OPHP. 


To keep pace with the evolution of assessment, planning and partnership building in Colorado, we used a collection of resources, local public health agency input and guidance experiences to inform the steps of each phase and recommended resources. We would like to acknowledge and thank the following: local public health agency staff, CDPHE‚ Office of Planning, Partnership and Improvement, Office of Health Equity, Maternal and Child Health unit, Oral Health Unit, Communities That Care program, and the Center for Health and Environmental Data, County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, Center for Disease Control, Health Impact Partners, National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), Public Health Accreditation Board, Frameworks Institute, The Community Toolbox.

Thank you to local and state public health agency staff for your contributions to CHAPS!

Phases of CHAPS

Access a guide to carry out a collaborative, community-based process that identifies priority public health and environmental health needs and assets to determine how to act on them while addressing inequities and root causes.


Learn about the history and context of CHAPS and the Colorado Public Health Act of 2008.

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Find the requirements for community health assessments (CHAs) and public health improvement plans (PHIPs).

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Local priorities

Access local and state priorities and strategies.

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CHAPS status

Open the map to see where LPHAs are in the CHAPS process across the state and to access CHAs and PHIPs.

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