Colorado Public Health Act of 2008
Colorado's Public Health Act (SB 08 194) took effect in 2008, calling for major reforms to the state\'s governmental public health system. It's purpose is to ensure that core public health services are available to every person in Colorado, regardless of where they live, with a consistent standard of quality.


The act requires:

  • use of assessments to determine population health and system-wide capacity issues,
  • development of a five-year state and local public health improvement plan (PHIP, also known as CHIP, community health improvement plan, or regional health improvement plan) based on assessment results, and
  • engaging communities in health improvement and increasing the availability and quality of public health services to ultimately improve health outcomes.

To read the act, go to Colorado Public Health Act found at Section 25-1-505, CRS et seq. Title 25 - Public Health and Environment - Article 1: Administration - Part 5 Public Health Act - Subpart 2 Public Health Plans.

Office of Planning, Partnerships and Improvement (OPPI)
In response to the Colorado Public Health Act, the Office of Planning, Partnerships and Improvement was created at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). Its original purpose has been to:

  • Coordinate the implementation of the act
  • Facilitate the development of a standard public health improvement planning system
  • Provide technical assistance
  • Be a liaison between CDPHE and local public health agencies (LPHAs)

A key result was the collaborative development of the Colorado Health Assessment and Planning System (CHAPS) with pilot LPHAs in 2010-2012. Unlike other assessment and planning resources, this resource and the associated technical assistance from OPPI and peer LPHAs continues to evolve to meet the assessment and planning needs in Colorado and was most recently comprehensively updated in 2018-2019.


OPPI provides guidance to local public health agencies on the entire assessment and planning process through one-on-one discussions, site visits and peer networking opportunities. We will help you navigate key areas such as data gathering, analysis and interpretation, community engagement, issues prioritization, identification of strategies to address priorities and advance equity, plan development, implementation and evaluation support.


Public Health Accreditation Board and CHAPS

CHAPS was developed and has been updated to reflect PHAB Standards and Measures Version 1.0 and 1.5, grounding the guidance in national standards and best practices reflected in high-performing health departments. The PHAB website and resources are referenced and linked throughout the CHAPS process. If your agency is interested in pursuing PHAB voluntary accreditation check out the PHAB website for more information and connect with peer LPHAs to learn how it has been accomplished here in Colorado. CHAPS guidance will support your agency or partnership's efforts in completing the prerequisite community health assessment and public health improvement plan, along with a variety of other key public health activities, such as health equity capacity building/workforce training, community engagement and public health communication.


Colorado Health Assessment and Planning System (CHAPS)
CHAPS was designed to support a coordinated, standardized assessment and planning approach across all 64 Colorado counties. The guidance is scalable and can be customized to help local public health agencies meet the requirements of the Colorado Public Health Act and deliver quality core public health services.


CHAPS is co-developed by state and local government health practitioners. OPPI keeps the guidance viable, relevant and sustainable by engaging LPHAs to share real experiences, lessons and locally-developed tools.