The 2018-2019 assessment and planning process is unique in that it integrates with and builds from work supported by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's offices and departments such as the Office of Health Equity and Maternal and Child Health Division. This process is intentionally designed to:
  • Employ a health equity lens throughout the assessment and planning process by applying the framework visualized below from the California Department of Public Health
  • Engage those from across the state most impacted by public health issues
  • Make sure youth, family and community voice is in the forefront
  • Ensure inclusive, multi-modal communication and engagement strategies
  • Acknowledge and address issues of power, being explicit and transparent about where decision-making lives and naming power dynamics
  • Consider inclusivity in data collection and reporting processes, intentionally framing data to avoid perpetuating negative stereotypes

The result of the planning process will:

  • Reflect and address priorities of Colorado communities,
  • Support community members and residents,
  • Include meaningful strategies and areas of focus,
  • Define clear, measurable outcomes,
  • Help inform strategic funding and resource allocation,
  • Describe roles and responsibilities for implementation, and
  • Demonstrate an intentional, and thoughtful health equity approach.

See the full Roadmap here.