Guidance Principles

These describe what is important to Colorado, guiding the assessment and planning process as time-tested, constant values.
Partnership Focused
We approach assessment and planning as an opportunity to create, strengthen and enhance authentic, cross-sector partnerships at all levels, including with community and residents.
Diverse and Inclusive
We ensure the various people, perspectives and sectors involved in and most impacted by the issues are engaged in the process, including those representing upstream determinants of health, and welcome discourse that surfaces both commonalities and differences.
We ensure open communication and information sharing, keeping partners and community connected throughout the assessment and planning process.
We approach assessment and planning striving to first and foremost understand assets, successes and opportunities.
We leverage, maximize and build from existing assessments, plans, relationships and resources across local, regional and statewide levels.
Creative and Innovative
We push beyond typical methods and into creative and innovative spaces, supporting continued learning, leadership and capacity building in public health.
Data Driven
We embrace data-informed planning and decision making, factoring in content-focused and quantitative data along with context-focused and qualitative data.
Equitable and Just
We intentionally consider issues of equity and justice throughout the process, allowing space to question how we address the upstream factors that affect health (e.g. economic opportunity, physical environment, social factors).